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The Power Of Women-Owned Businesses #WED

In honor of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day happening November 19th, 2020 we have compiled a list of 20 Women-Owned Small Businesses from all over the United States.

It was difficult to only pick 20 as there are so many amazing women doing incredible things but if I can use my platform to shine a light on even a few hard-working women (including myself *toots own horn*) I am happy to be a voice!

I have asked each featured female to include a piece of advice for aspiring women who want to start their own business and I had chills reading these y’all. I remember when I was starting out which wasn’t long ago.

My entrepreneurial journey starting unexpectedly when I was working my way through high school and into college as a student. I began with marketing consulting and it has evolved into my business today, LoCo Marketing. I feel lucky as entrepreneurship was always encouraged by my parents being they are serial entrepreneurs and business owners themselves. From my grandparents and my parents, I have seen hard work up close and learned determination and faith can get you far. He always provides. I will start the list by sharing a little about me.

Lauren Lindemulder

Founder of Loco Marketing & The Marketing & Margs Community

Lauren is an award-winning freelancer, marketer, and entrepreneur. She is a Texas A&M graduate who started her own marketing company at age 18 and has helped independent and small business owners build their brand online for over 7 years.  She specializes in using Facebook to build brands and communities. She launched Marketing and Margs, a community to learn, share, and collaborate. She believes there is power in telling stories to connect people. No matter where you are on your journey from vision to strategy, launching to growth she invites you to join her and learn in an open environment

“My biggest piece of advice for women wanting to start their own business is around imposter syndrome and the power of starting. I have learned that you are never going to feel 100% ready and you have to just jump in and start anywhere. Done is better than perfect and accepting this is part of the journey. You will get better as you go but you can’t grow without starting.”

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Aubrey Hays

Founder of Aubrey Hays Band

I’m a songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist in Austin, TX. I’ve been performing live in Austin for the last five years and have grown my solo act to a five piece band. This year I was lucky enough to receive an artist development grant through Austin Music Foundation.

“Grow your relationships with a network of badass females and people who have your best interests at heart. Don’t rush the process, and know that growth takes time. You’re only competing against your best self and you shouldn’t expect success right away. You have to remain authentic to you and your brand because anything short of that will have people running in the other direction.”

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Hannah Holmes

Founder of Holmes House Creative Co.

I Specialize in big dreams and brand magic, I help fellow boss babes take their businesses from meh to magnetic! I’m a designer and master-certified DREAM method coach with eight years of professional branding, design, marketing, and business expertise. Through my signature approach to brand strategy, I help female entrepreneurs to stand out as themselves, be insanely successful at what they do, and live their dream lives (today).

Brand and business strategy, design, and coaching

“There are three big things I learned through starting this business: First, jump in before you’re ready! It will never feel perfect or exactly right — that’s fear and indecision talking. Set a deadline and just move forward. Second, you don’t have to do it all immediately. Start with one thing and get really good at one way of doing that one thing before you start doing more. I call this “Karate Kidding” it and it is the key to avoiding burn-out. And third, know that it’s okay (and usually really good!) to pivot! Your business will change as you go; stay anchored in your ‘why’, but let the ‘what’ change as it needs to.”

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Holmes House Creative Co. website

Marie Rachelle

Founder of Business BEactive

Marie Rachelle is a freelance community builder. She is the coach for aspiring freelancers as well as Founder of Convergence Coworking. Voted Most Aspirational Freelancer by her peers at the Freelance Conference in 2019, she lives up to her title by organizing Freelance Business Week Buffalo and is the President of the Western New York Coworking Alliance. Over the years, Marie has worked with and opened multiple businesses from Naples, Florida to Buffalo, New York. She has been featured on The Lunchbreak Podcast, WNY Entrepreneur Podcast and Reach for the Stars Podcast, as well as in The Buffalo News, Buffalo Rising, WBEN, WKBW and more. Marie is passionate about building community both online and in-person.

BEcoached is a 3-month Aspiring Freelancer program for the freelancer who knows what their passion is and wants to earn a living doing it!

“Just do it and do it now! There will always be reasons not to, but the glory of owning your own freelance business is you get to decide what work you do, how much work you do, and when you do it.”

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Melissa Knape

Founder of Memes Treasures

Family owned designer handbag resale with focus on LV, Chanel and Hermes.

“Never let your ego get in the way of doing the right thing for the client. I have seen business fail just for the sheer fact that someone couldn’t admit they made a mistake.”

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Memes Treasures website

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Lisa Lindemulder

Founder of Cheese and Chatter

I sell beautiful handcrafted cheeseboards in all sizes & love sharing ways to decorate them!

“Just do it & take a chance, stay consistent!”

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Gabby Rosenbloom

Founder of GBR Creative

My name is Gabby and I am a public relations specialist and actress living in New York City. At my core and in my heart, I am a storyteller. Whether it be on stage or through digital format, I am steadfastly dedicated to telling meaningful stories in creative and impactful ways. Leveraging my skills in performance, graphic design and copywriting, I hope to continue making beautiful things with beautiful people.

I run a full service PR company as well as a graphic design business. If your brand is in need of an aesthetic upgrade, press push, website revamp or anything in between—I could be the gal for you.

“I know this is cliche, but stay true to yourself and your goals. Don’t ever force yourself into a mold that doesn’t fit you just because someone told you do. Remember your worth, your strength and your value.”

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Ashley Morrison

Founder of Avenue One Nineteen

Hi I’m Ashley Morrison! I am a graduate from Texas A&M University and previously a Kilgore College Rangerette on the 75th Line. I currently live in Plano, Texas with my husband, Daniel. I have always had a passion for art and painted anything I could get my hands on. My grandma is a wonderful artist and taught me some tips and tricks when I was growing up. I have found so much joy in creating pieces of art for my loved ones, so I’ve decided to expand to bring encouragement into other people’s lives as well. Creating Avenue One Nineteen has always been a dream of mine and it’s exciting to see it grow into what it is today.

Avenue One Nineteen is an online business that sells hand-painted, one of a kind custom home décor. This ship specializes in unique wood slices that are hand painted with the goal of bringing encouragement into your home. To me, Avenue One Nineteen means “Path to Christ.” I chose this because I want my art to lead people to God’s Word. My hope is that you fill your home with scripture and phrases of encouragement so in the midst of a crazy day or a hard moment, you can look up and be guided back to what truly matters.

“The best advice that I have been given was to just start somewhere. I’m someone who loves to plan and think 30 steps ahead. With that comes the desire to already be in a super successful place, but the reality is – that’s not possible if you don’t take the small steps to get there. If you have big dreams, great! Believe that you can accomplish them and start working on it today. There will always be a reason to say no and believe you’re not ready, but if you’re waiting to be ready for something, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life! Jump in, have a plan, work hard and believe that it will grow in time! Believe that you can do it alone, but never be afraid to ask for help. There is nothing weak about asking the people who care about you to stand by your side and help you along the way. Remind yourself that you can be a strong businesswoman and ask for help!”

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Melissa Polanco

Founder of Ella’s Eve Cosmetics

I have a Master’s degree in counseling and work full-time in higher education. Have always had a dream of having my own makeup brand, so two years ago my sister and I got together, after researching, we co-founded our brand Ella’s Eve Cosmetics. We both have struggled with self-confidence and we wanted to create a community around our brand that embraces self-love.

Indie makeup brand founded by two sisters who wanted to share their passion for makeup while promoting self-love and self-confidence.

“Take the first step and act on it. The worst thing is regretting not taking the leap and always wondering “what if?”‘

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Paige Ponzio

Founder of PMP Photography

Hi! I’m Paige, owner of PMP Photography! I am 24 years old, from Bryan, Texas. I absolutely love photography and capturing moments to be able to last a lifetime!

Photography business who can make all your creative ideas come to life!

“Go for it! Anything you’re passionate about, you can do! Life is too short to wait!”

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Chelsea & Rylea Candelora

Founders of Nine Thirteen Studio

We’re identical twin sisters, not only sisters but best friends, living in Florida who have a passion for graphic design. Working together has always been a dream of ours so we decided to take the leap and start our business earlier this year. We were first introduced to designing in high school and have been obsessed since. Although we both did not pursue a graphic design degree, we both kept design in mind with our college major choices. We pursued other fields at the University of Florida, computer science (Chelsea), and public relations (Rylea), but our hearts have always been with designing. Computer science brought skills of user experience design, and public relations brought skills of how design communicates to people, especially in the days of social media. We’ve been designing for nine years now and can’t wait to continue to follow our passion and see where our business journey takes us.

We’re a creative studio that empowers creatives with branding and web design that turn business daydreams into reality. We help small businesses find confidence in their branding and web presence. Combining strategy with beautiful visuals, we create eye-catching, intentional, and functional designs. We love honing in on the little details that make a business unique and visually sharing them in its branding. We create branding that shares your business’ story to help form connections with your dream clients so you can spend more time doing what you love.

“Our advice for females who want to start their own business is to not be afraid to take the risk of failing because you never know if you don’t try. Whatever business you choose to start make sure it is something you are passionate about and wake up excited to do. Another tip when it comes to building a brand that stands out from the crowd, make sure it is authentic to you. Your brand should be a refection of who you are. People buy brands not products and authentic branding that allows for instant connections to be made with potential customers makes all the difference.”

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Annie Flores & Krismar Arellano

Founders of Kreative Chick

Annie: Following years of working with luxury hotels, restaurants, sports organizations, financial institutions, and major software companies amongst others and executing marketing campaigns on both a local and national level, Annie decided to join Kreative Chick to lead client accounts and social media marketing. She is a dog lover, self-proclaimed brunch connoisseur, and is constantly on the hunt for the best chai latte!

Krismar: Krismar began her career in the Marketing/Public Relations industry with an internship with Walt Disney World Resorts in 2012. Shortly after, she continued gaining experience as part of a duo marketing team for three Ritz-Carlton properties in South Florida. Since then, she has marketed several verticals which include additional luxury hotels in several states, awarded restaurants, catering companies, attorneys, entertainment/media, musicians, interior designers, event managers, and an author! Due to her passion for the field, creative & trendy mind, and entrepreneurship personality Kreative Chick Digital Marketing hatched. Although career-focused, Kris enjoys board/any game competition, outdoor adventures, and is a sucker for pun/dad jokes.

We are a digital marketing agency focused on helping small to medium sized businesses increase brand awareness and cultivate community.

“Do it. No matter how scary, just do it! Because once you do, it is by far one of the most rewarding feelings in the world!”

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Bianca Raimo

Founder of Reprint + Repurpose

I am a big believer in conscientious crafting. By using our up-cycled fabric you are helping with this movement! As well as taking a break from screen time and nurturing some real hobbies. Plus, all the 100% cotton fabric and non-toxic ink is sourced and printed right here in the US. My background- I have a BFA in Art and Design, a MS in Information Design, and a true passion for creating and sewing. With 10 years of experience in the corporate design world, I have taken everything I have learned and applied it to opening my own small business. I look forward to seeing your amazing projects and hope my reprinted and repurposed fabric serves as an inspiration!

Reprint + Repurpose–your source for upcycled cotton fabric! Made for sewers, crafters, fashion designers, quilters and artists. We find quality, high thread count, 100% cotton fabric from thrift stores, dead stock fabric sources, secondhand shops-anywhere we can find and revive fabric to get used again. We then create our own novel designs and block print the fabric with a non-toxic fabric ink that is machine washable.

“Just go for it! Even if you are starting small, do one thing everyday that will get you closer to your goal. You can do it!”

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Therese Clark

Founder of Lady Suite

I am an experienced product developer and creative brand strategist for revolutionary brands like Hourglass, Goop, Honest Beauty, and Revlon, Therese Clark also created and co-founded Mybody (now Glowbiotics) the first-ever probiotic skin care line in the medical channel. Now, she’s pioneering a new space in femcare with Lady Suite.

After years of intimate grooming struggles coupled with a thyroid condition that left her skin allover dry and sensitive, Therese was unable to find effective intimate skin care solutions that were “clean”, vulva-friendly, approachable, or accessible.

Lady Suite is a culmination of her invaluable experience reinforced by her passion for women’s health advocacy.

Lady Suite is an independent feminine wellness brand focused on clean, effective skin care designed for a woman’s most sensitive, intimate skin to combat common struggles like ingrown hairs, razor burn, redness, skin dryness, skin thinning, pH problems, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Our mission is to redefine self-care and undo tired taboos through smarter education, ‘real’ conversation, and clean, effective care.

“1) Put your customer first! 2)Know your competition but don’t become them. Your creativity and originality is important at all stages of the business. 3) It’s ok not to know everything. Make sure to surround yourself with a solid network of mentors and advisors, as well as any contractors and employees. 4) It’s also true that you’ll be thinking about money, a lot! Make sure to have a financial plan with different scenarios, i.e. if you hit all your goals vs if you fall short. Financials are super important especially if you plan on raising capital at the onset or someday. 5) Invest in good design and constantly revisit your offering/messaging based on consumer feedback.”

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Loren T

Founder of Blue Sky Designs by Mrs T

I’d call myself an ‘accidental entrepreneur’. I was a tutor and primary school teacher for a few years in Australia when I started to create and sell teaching resources for other teachers to use in their classrooms. My passion to share my expertise and skills led to my ‘side hobby’ quickly becoming my ‘business’, as I took on more opportunities to reach teachers around the world. Now, as a new mum, I get to work on my business (usually during baby girl’s nap time) and continue to network with other teachers and parents looking for ways to support their kids’ learning. It’s exciting to see my business growing and to hear about the positive impact is it making.

Blue Sky Designs by Mrs T provides teachers and parents with creative and engaging resources to support their kids’ learning journey. We cater for children learning the very basics of reading and counting, through to middle school children developing their vocabulary and mastering their mathematical understanding. We currently have over 200 resources available, and are continuously adding more products to meet the needs of our customers.

“We all have unique skills to share, so don’t underestimate the value you have to offer. I didn’t set out to become a business owner, I just followed my passion and learned how to use my knowledge and experience to help others. I’m a young stay at home mum from Australia and yet I get to connect with other teachers and mums around the world because I decided to take a chance at sharing my skills. Find what it is you’re passionate about and be courageous enough to share that with others. It might take a little time but once you start seeing growth it will be such a rewarding experience.”

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Alexandra Faszewski

Founder of Faszewski Studios

Alexandra grew up on Cape Cod as the daughter of small business owners. She went on to get a degree in Fashion Design and Production from Lasell University and worked as Director of Operations for an apparel manufacturer upon graduation. She loves a good book with a cup of tea, as well as traveling to new places to explore!

Faszewski Studios began as a size-inclusive lingerie brand, using natural fibers and manufacturing ethically in the United States. During the statewide COVID shutdowns in Massachusetts, Alexandra noticed how her friends’ morale and mental heath was suffering– not to mention, cabin fever was setting in! To combat this, the brand worked with other local businesses to offer a curated gift box of naturally made self care products, which they have continued to offer as their #ShopLocal subscription box. Recently, Alexandra also started Northeast Apparel Consulting Services. The company uses her connections in the apparel industry to help emerging brands design and produce their own products for e-commerce.

“Your community will be so important not only as you start out, but as you progress. People like to say that entrepreneurship is lonely, but it doesn’t have to be! Connect with other small businesses in your local community first– it’s so valuable to have people to bounce ideas off of, collaborate with, and who simply understand the trials and tribulations you’ll go through. There are so many ways to make entrepreneur friends; there are networking groups, Facebook business groups, and local collaboratives where several businesses gather together– you can even reach out personally to business owners you align with!”

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Scarlett Stanhope

Founder of The Business Hippie

Hi! My name is Scarlett and I am a Life Management Specialist. My greatest experience has come from managing my own life. I am twenty two years old and I am proud to say that this year alone I have graduated with my Batchelor’s Degree in Business Management, Finance, and Accounting, I completed and received my Professional and Life Coaching Certification, I have started my own Personal Growth and Development company called The Business Hippie, and I am currently in the process of earning my 200hr Yoga Instructor Certification. I am also proud to say that I have managed to do all of that while staying 100% debt free. And that includes paying for college 100% out of pocket. It is my mission to make an impact on the world and make great change to make this world a better, and more sustainable place for all. I believe that we are in charge of our journeys and that it is up to us to create a world that we want to live in. I intend to share my wisdom with the world to help people grow towards a live they can not only manage, but love. But my biggest accomplishment of all this year is the supportive and caring relationship I have found with my partner.

Although my business is still in its beginning stages, I created The Business Hippie because I want to change the world. I believe that we have the power to make an impact. That we can save the environment, solve issues around hunger, and simply live happier healthier lives. But I also believe that in oder to make these changes, we must first start by changing ourselves. The greatest impact that we can make in this world must first start from within. Because it is impossible to fill another’s cup if our’s is empty. The Business Hippie is here to help Coaches manage their own lives, to achieve their own dreams, and live the lives they want to live. I want to empower every Coach so that when a client asks if they can achieve their dreams they can say with confidence… “Yes, Because I did.”

“The very first step is to get clear on your vision. I always say that to get somewhere ASAP you must first get ASAP: As Specific As Possible. You must dive into your vision deep and understand what it feels like to be there, to live in it. Then you must look at why you want that vision. Why you want your own business, what it will do for you, and most of all what it will do for the world. You must start with the vision and then BELIEVE that you can achieve it. You must believe it deep within your core. You must have faith that you have the power within you to create what you want in this life and you must believe that it is more than possible, but already exists and is on your way to you ever single day. You must look for evidence in your life that fuels this belief, that proves to you over and over again that you can do it and that it is all possible. The evidence of your past; where every single step has lead you to this perfect moment of the present, right here, right now. The evidence of your present; the little moments that prove it is all happening, even if you may not be able to see the results. And evidence from your future; where you must act as if the life and business you want already exists. You must shape your life around your vision, instead of waiting for that vision to shape around you. Most importantly, you must work backwards from the vision ensuring that every single step you take is a step in that direction, that everything you do is moving you towards that destination, and that all your energy, time, and effort, is focused and in line with where it is you want to go. Of course there are practical steps that must be taken along the way; financial planning and budgeting, marketing strategy, business plan, etc. But until you find that alignment from within yourself, and move with purpose towards the vision, all of your efforts will only ever be leading you to an unmarked destination.”

Connect with Scarlett

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Founder of Mehendi by Mina

When I was growing up one of my first and most favorite role models was my grandfather. My grandfather worked hard in school and had the opportunity to move across the world to go to grad school at Texas A&M in the 1960s. Learning about my grandfather’s journey to A&M, and the steps he took to get there, were invaluable, and his stories are ones that I will always cherish. His stories always included themes of working hard and taking care of your fellow neighbor. These qualities are ones that I see in him everyday and ones that he instilled in me at a very young age. Moreover, growing up in Bryan College Station, Texas I saw these values demonstrated every day and consider myself blessed to have grown up in a community that demonstrates these values on a daily basis. I do not believe it would have been possible to start my business without the mentors I have blessed to be surrounded by. I am currently a third generation Aggie, and will graduate in 2021 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Business, and I am excited to start my professional journey in the upcoming months.

Mehendi by Mina is a Texas Based Henna Company dedicated to adorning your body with exquisite intricate detailed designs. Incredible temporary tattoo designs that are made with creative vision. Each design is drawn with immense care and attention to detail leaving you with a henna design that is modern, beautiful, and elegant. Mehendi by Mina has been created with love and the desire to bring joy to others in an artistic manner and will do its best to infuse that in any and all interactions we have with you!

“Just start! Starting is often the hardest part, we can fill hours upon hours planning every minute detail, dreaming about the idea we have, but the hardest part is starting. Once you start, you’ve overcome the first hurdle that many don’t overcome. Focus on how you uniquely provide value to other people as it will motivate you keep going, because that will become your purpose. Reach out to your friends and family, join different female entrepreneur groups, and keep going!”

Find Mina on Instagram and Facebook

Jillian Petrie

Founder of Athletes & Artists

Jillian Petrie is a mixer of sports & arts, lover of storytelling, and all-around creative professional. She founded Athletes & Artists, a media network, with the mission to motivate, educate, & celebrate the athleticism & creativity in everyone. In addition, Jillian is an award winning Choreographer/Director, Sports/Entertainment Reporter, & Professor. For more information or to work with Jillian, you may reach her at

Athletes & Artists is a media network with a mission to motivate, educate, & celebrate the athleticism & creativity in everyone. With original programing on A&ATV, an athleisure line, events, & more – we offer something for everyone! After all, we are all Athletes & Artists!

“I have so much advice I would love to share, but let me keep it simple. Know your “why” inside & out. If there isn’t a strong reason behind creating your business, take some time to figure that out before you launch. Also, gentle reminders to be open to change, listen to your gut, be true to yourself, & be honest with your audience. You’ve got this.”

Instagram: @athletesartists
YouTube – search “Athletes & Artists” (be sure to use the “&”)
Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter: @athletsartists

Dominique Johnson-Lindsay

Founder BE Digital Consulting

I was once a “side-hustler,” now I’m a full-time business owner of the consulting firm, BE Digital Consulting. Marketing is not only a profession to me, it’s a passion! Through my consulting firm, I’ve worked in a variety of industries like -ecommerce, beauty, finance, media, and real estate. I love helping my clients strategize and solve problems that get them closer to their business goals!

I am a digital marketing consultant specializing in marketing campaign execution and marketing technology implementation. I love combining creativity and technology to make operations efficient and campaigns successful.

“There is no perfect time and no amount of accomplishment you absolutely have to have to run a business. Just get started. The longer you put it off, the longer it will take to overcome the challenges we all have.”

Connect on LinkedIn
IG: @djohnsonlindsay | @letsbedigital_



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