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We’re always looking for ways to switch things up! A lot of times that starts with our accessories – you know that feeling when you put on a fresh phone case or get a new case for your laptop? We searched high and low for a non-bulky case that still

Hey guys! We want y’all to get to know us better, and connect with the girls behind the screen so here is a Q&A with some common questions asked! If you ever have any questions other than these go to our “contact us” tab and ask anonymously…or DM us on

Dupes- Duplicates of amazing shoes, with an amazing price!   Who doesn’t love a good dupe? Especially on a shoe you may not wear as often! Why spend a lot of money when there is a pair that looks so similar? {click on photo for direct link to the shoe}  

Jord Watches- Giveaway   JORD Watches are unique wooden watches that come in many colors and sizes. These are for men and women which makes them a perfect gift for anyone or for yourself! They also offer Apple watch bands that can dress up any outfit – perfect for a

Hey babes, Lex here! Today I am going to talk about my everyday jewelry and how I organize it… I’d like to start out by warning you that I wear A LOT more than the average person. I wear around 5-6 bracelets with a watch almost every day…I am OBSESSED with


Picking the perfect present for your boo-thing can be difficult… let us (and Nordstrom) make it easier! XOXO, Lex & Lo Just click on the products in the photo to shop 🙂