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Hey my friend!

Lauren here, has anyone else felt stuck lately? Tbh, I have felt stuck for a while on the next steps for my life and my business. 2020 has been a struggle for many and I feel like just getting through the day is a win sometimes, can anyone relate? Lexi and I have been building our Sisterlyblondes Brand for over 3 years now and it has been such a blessing. We have grown so much from this and are excited to see what is next.

That being said I am excited to share some new things coming in pivoting our brand and business. Starting with launching the Marketing & Margs Community inspired by two things I love.

Think happy hour with a friend mixed with marketing school.

As an entrepreneur and marketer, I help independent & small businesses craft their brand online. I want this community to be a place to have open conversations, share knowledge, and experiences to help you navigate the crazy ever-changing world of marketing.

I’m here to guide you in creating an authentic personal brand, where you can pair your passion with your gifts and get it seen through marketing in the best way.

  • What you’ll find here
  • Marketing tips
  • Tools to elevate your brand
  • Real-life honest convos
  • Guidance on finding your people
  • Strategies from experts to help you grow your online business
  • Learn to attract the people you’re meant to serve

It’s time to grow YOUR business and brand!

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