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How To Set Up Your Facebook Page As A Small Business

Did you know there are 2.4 Billion people on Facebook? If you aren’t currently using it as tool to grow your business then where ya been, friend? 

Creating a Facebook Page doesn’t have to be difficult or a daunting task. In this post I am going to show you a simple way to effectively build out your Business Facebook Page.

So, let’s dive into how to create a Facebook account for a business. Follow these steps to launch your page by the end of the day.

Step 1. Log into your personal Facebook Page.

You will need to do this before you can sign up for your Facebook business page. The information from your personal account will not be publicly visible on your business page.

Next you can click “create” at the top of your dashboard or go to

Step 2. Determining The Type Of Page

From here you will decide the type of page you want to create. You can choose a Brand or Business versus a Community Page, they give a description of what types of businesses fall under each.

Step 3. Inputting Your Business Details

When you’ve picked which type you will type in your page name and choose a category. The easiest way to find your category is by typing in keywords that relate to your business.

Then it will ask for an address to validate your location but tip make sure to check “Don’t show my address” if you have a home based business or you don’t want your address displayed publicly.

Step 4. Uploading Your Profile Photo

For your profile photo as a business, you can decide to add your logo or a photo of yourself depending on your industry. If you are your brand I suggest using a photo of yourself here, it makes it more personal and you can add your logo or business logotype somewhere on your cover photo. The size of this photo is recommended to be 600 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall.

Step 5. Uploading a Cover Photo

Here you can upload a landscape cover photo I suggest designing on I love Canva they have great templates or you can do a simple logo as I have below on my LoCo Marketing page. The size for this image should be 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on your Page on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on mobile.

Step 6. Add A Username

Think of this as your pages @name on instagram or an additional way for users to find you. This will also make your Facebook URL address prettier.

Step 7. Fill Out Additional Information

By clicking “Edit page info” at the top of the page you will be able to fill out additional information about your business.

Step 8. Create your first post

Before you start inviting people to like the Facebook Page for your business, you should post some valuable content to help them get a feel of you and your business. You can create some of your own posts, or share content from thought leaders in your industry.

4 Post Ideas

Share your origin story. How did you get started doing what you do? What has that transformation looked like? 
Choose a favorite image/ product/memory and share the story behind it to invite people into the moment. 
Share how your community can support you (whether that’s financially or otherwise!) Can they share a favorite product, buy a gift card, pay for services in advance, review your business? 
Talk about what you’re currently working on in your business and how you stay motivated working from home in these times! 

Step 9. Publish your page and invite people to link it

Your Facebook business page is built out now it’s time to make it live! This is your online presence that will make potential customers and fans feel comfortable interacting with you. It’s time to hit that Publish Page button in the left-hand menu.

That’s it! Your page is live and visible to the world. Now you need to get some fans!

Step 10. Learn from Page Insights (this one is ongoing)

The more information you have about your audience, the more you can create relevant content for them.

Facebook Page Insights makes it easy to gather this data about how your fans are interacting with your page and the content you share. To access Page Insights, click Insights in the top menu of your Facebook business page.

Insights gives you information about your page’s overall performance, from likes to page views engagement to reach. You can see insights on your posts so you can understand how many people you’re reaching and if they’re engaging with it. This will help you plan for future content.

A cool feature of Insights is the ability to see how many people have clicked on your CTA (call-to-action) button, website, phone number, and address.

You Made It!

That wraps it up! How to build your Facebook Page in 10 steps!

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