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Fighting Perfection Paralysis in 4 Easy Steps

Perfection paralysis. This is a trick your mind plays on you in an attempt to keep you “safe”. Whenever you are about to put yourself out there (say by starting a new business or simply making plans) you form an idea of it in your mind first. I suffer from this every. single. day. Here are 4 ways I try to get over it and get “unstuck”. 

1. Let go. 

Are things that have happened in the past preventing you from moving forward? It’s easy to get hung up on mistakes you’ve made or not feeling ready to move on. For me, this is to allow myself to let those go of what people think so I can make room for the new.

2. Change your view. 

To gain a new perspective, spend time alone and distance from your current situation. Open yourself up to new people and ideas. All of these changes will help you gain a new look on the future and what is possible. For me, this is not overthinking and realizing that you are your own worst critic. 

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3. Start small. 

Change is tough, forming a habit is tough, and breaking a bad one is even harder. Remember you can start small by changing your daily routines, moving things in your house, or making a new decision for yourself. Every choice matters and after a while, small changes add up. For me it is swapping a bad thing for a good. 

4. Explore your purpose. 

I have been doing this a lot lately. Your purpose is not just your job, your responsibilities, or your goals it’s what lights you up. These are the things you are passionate about and will fight for. This one has been the hardest for me tbh. Feeling stuck? Download my Strength Finder Toolkit.

Which one are you going to work more on? Leave a comment on this blog to let me know.

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