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Everyone Has A Story It’s If You’re Willing To Share It

My Personal Why for Starting This Community

I have done a lot of reflecting on my own story. I attended Texas A&M University and learned first hand the power of community, connections, and the spirit that ne’er be told. I have always dreamed up this idea I would own a business, be my own boss, conquer the world – but the constant pressure on myself caused me to feel stuck and not sure which direction to go.

I’ve done some of these things, I graduated college, up and moved to a new city, launched a digital marketing company, and co-found a fashion lifestyle brand. All of these things may sound impressive, but after all this I still didn’t feel satisfied.

In short – I wanted to find my passion and the purpose God laid out for me. After many trial and errors to the point of throwing business ideas at a wall like spaghetti to find that nothing “sticks” I asked myself what’s next.

I used to think I needed to make money to be successful and happy, but I soon learned that is not the case. The more I spoke with business owners, I noticed a common theme. People start a business to fill a need but ultimately it thrives because their mission behind it – it becomes their passion.

Why Am I Telling You This?

Well, you may be in a similar boat and this is more than just marketing. When I was in school high school and especially college I had no clue what I wanted to do. I saw people who seemed to have it all figured out and I felt nowhere near that. I have finally learned that is ok. We’re all learning as we go and I want to use my experience to help others not feel stuck to let you in on a secret…there is never a perfect time to start so do it now.

My hope from this community is we can imperfectly empower each other and learn. I want this community to be a place to have open conversations, share knowledge, and experiences to help you navigate the crazy ever-changing world of marketing.

I invite you to join me on this next journey. If I can help at least one person who is struggling with self-doubt, where to start, next steps, or the “what if’s” that life throws at us – I will be completely satisfied.



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