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Hey friend, I’m Lauren Lindemulder Founder of LoCo Marketing & Marketing & Margs and I’m so grateful you’re here!

As an entrepreneur and marketer, I help independent & small businesses craft their brand online.


I am an award-winning freelancer who launched my digital marketing company at age 18. I worked my way through school in real estate marketing, leasing, and other odd jobs to gain experience. I have never been afraid of work, it is in my blood. From my grandparents and my parents, I have seen hard work up close and learned determination and faith can get you far. He always provides. My parents always did whatever they had to in order to provide for my sister and I and gave us a wonderful life (they still do).

I am lucky. The entrepreneurial spirit in our family wasn’t only accepted but encouraged. My dad runs our family business in car repair and my mom has done many business ventures from having her own interior decorating company to the latest, a thriving Etsy shop.

I grew up in a small town in Texas called College Station where I attended Texas A&M University and learned first hand the power of community, connections, and the spirit that ne’er be told. I have always dreamed up this idea I would own a business, be my own boss, conquer the world – but the constant pressure on myself caused me to feel stuck and not sure which direction to go.

When I reflect on my own story I have done some of these things, I graduated college, up and moved to a new city, launched a digital marketing company, and co-found a fashion lifestyle brand. All of these things may sound impressive, but after all this I still didn’t feel satisfied that is why I launched this new community.

In short – I wanted to find my passion and the purpose God laid out for me. After many trial and errors to the point of throwing business ideas at a wall like spaghetti to find that nothing “sticks” I asked myself what’s next.

I used to think I needed to make money to be successful and happy, but I soon learned that is not the case. The more I spoke with business owners, I noticed a common theme. People start a business to fill a need but ultimately it thrives because of their mission behind it – it becomes their passion.

Marketing & Margs Community.

Think happy hour with a friend mixed with marketing school. I want this community to be a place to have open conversations, share knowledge, and experiences to help you navigate the crazy ever-changing world of marketing.

I’m here to guide you in creating an authentic personal brand, where you can pair your passion with your gifts and get it seen through marketing in the best way.

What you’ll find here
– Marketing tips
– Tools to elevate your brand
– Real-life honest convos
– Guidance on finding your people
– Strategies from experts to help you grow your online business
– Learn to attract the people you’re meant to serve

It’s time to grow YOUR business and brand!

Where You Fit In

When I was in school high school and especially college I had no clue what I wanted to do. I saw people who seemed to have it all figured out and I felt nowhere near that. I have finally learned that is ok. We’re all learning as we go and I want to use my experience to help others not feel stuck to let you in on a secret…there is never a perfect time to start so do it now.

My hope from this community is we can imperfectly empower each other and learn. If I can help at least one person who is struggling with self-doubt, where to start, next steps, or the “what if’s” that life throws at us – I will be completely satisfied.

The Sisters

Meet Lauren

I’m the “big sis”! I’m always looking for fashion on a budget (you can find me at your local TJ Maxx). I love to travel, get dressed up just for fun, and dance like no ones watching (even if they are). I binge watch Netflix series with no shame and eat queso like it’s going out of style. I am a former student of Texas A&M University class of 2018 can I get a whoop? I have recently launched my own marketing brand, LoCo Marketing, specializing in social media, content, and design. I would say I am more the left brain of the operations and Lexi is the creative that’s why we’re the perfect team.

Meet Lexi

I’m 21 going on 30 as a Junior at Texas A&M University. I am somewhat of a shopaholic and will literally shop till I drop. When I am not studying or looking for a new DIY project, I spend most of my time with my two fur babies, Rocky and Ella. I have been a fan of the blog world since a phone was put in my hand and I couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey with one of my best friend, my sister!